Chris Jericho On If He Considers Himself A Legend

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by TVInsider while promoting his new show The Legend of…With Chris Jericho. Below are some of the highlights from his latest interview:

What classifies someone as a legend:

The word “legend” is used so easy nowadays, like “awesome” and “genius”—”Oh, he’s a genius”; “Oh, he’s awesome.” If you go to Australia, everyone calls you a legend. They go, “Can you get me a beer? Great, you’re a legend, mate.” You open the door for someone, you’re a legend. To me, a real legend is someone who has a story and a history that everybody knows about. Butch Cassidy is a legend because I think there are a lot of people who aren’t even sure he is real, but he is real. Someone who has a real history and story behind him that’s almost larger than life in many ways.

If he considers himself a legend:

I think I would be a pretty big a**hole to call myself a legend. Some people say that I have some sort of legendary status. And if someone says that, thank you very much. I’m more than happy to accept that. It’s hard for you to call yourself a legend. Although I did call myself the living legend in WWE. So, if you look back in 2004, my character definitely thought he was a legend.

The last time he was starstruck by a legend:

I’ve met Keith Richards a couple of years ago, and that was big one. You just got to be cool and talk to them like they’re normal dudes. I still have my heroes. I saw Wayne Gretzky a few months ago. He had a couple of cocktails. I was sort of starstruck, but he was going off on how much he loved me and my work. I was like, “Wow, Gretzky likes me. I don’t care if he has had a couple of cocktails. I am talking to Wayne Gretzky!”