Chris Jericho On Why We Won’t See “The List” Anymore

Chris Jericho The List

While it doesn’t look very likely in near future, there is always a chance that Chris Jericho will return to WWE for another run, but even if he does so, we won’t be seeing ‘the list of Jericho’ anymore.

Jericho recently had an interview with Impact Backstage Interviewer Alicia Atout where he discussed a number of things including his cruise and more.

While discussing a potential WWE return, Chris claimed that he hates to say it but even if he returns to the company in future, there won’t be a list.

Explaining the reason behind it, Y2J said that the gimmick doesn’t feel right anymore. You have to reinvent yourself so for him to walk out there and put someone on the list again will make people feel like it’s 2016.

Continuing on the topic, Chris said that while it was a huge thing and he knows that people want to see it, he can’t allow himself not to be creative and that’s why he loves working with New Japan.

Apart from this, Chris Jericho also discussed the evolution of his character in NJPW, the one time his attempt at evolving his character fell flat and more. You can check out his interview in the video below: