Chris Jericho Predicts Bray Wyatt’s Future, Talks Chris Benoit/WWE HOF & More

The following are highlights of a recent Chris Jericho “Ask Me Anything (A.M.A.)” chat on Reddit:

Do you feel like WWE dropped the ball on Bray Wyatt? I thought he looked like a complete joke in his feud with Cena so I appreciated that you took him more seriously. Bray will be a world champion within a year

Thoughts on the rapid rise of Dean Ambrose? Much deserved

What happened to Lights Go Out being in WWE 2K15? It’s not listed in the official press release! Tell me about it. I’m pissed

You don’t mention much in your book about your 2010 departure from the WWE. How did you put that storyline together? Were there plans for you to return and feud with Orton? the plan was for me to return and feud with Orton for Wrestlemania. I chose to do DANCING WITH STARS instead

Do you think Benoit should be in hall of fame? Never

Do you think the wrestling business is better off now (PG, concussion awareness, no blood, etc) or during the peak Monday Night War era (better creatively, more jobs with three companies, worse medical checks in place, etc)? Better now.

Have you ever sneezed/seen someone else sneeze in front of Vince? What was his reaction? He hates sneezing!

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