Chris Jericho Re-Tweets Fan Asking If He Is Headed To Impact Wrestling

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho surprised everyone last year when he announced that he will be wrestling for NJPW. However, he didn’t stop there and Chris worked in collaboration with ROH for his upcoming Cruise as well.

These events made many wonder if the former World Champion could go even further and work for some other promotions in future like Impact Wrestling.

The topic was also discussed during a latest interview with Impact Officials and talking about Jericho, Co-Executive Vice Presidents Don Callis had said that they would open the door for someone like Y2J if he wants to work with the company.

All this was enough to start rumors about Jericho possibly working for Impact in future and a fan ended up asking the former Champion if he could be heading to the company formerly known as TNA.

Although Jericho did not answer the question directly. He instead re-tweeted the post as seen below which has only added fuel to the speculations that he could be headed to the Impact Zone:

This could very well be a case of Chris trolling internet fans but we also have to consider the fact that his rivalry with Kenny Omega also started with a tweet.

Given that WWE has developed a working relationship with Impact in the past several months and they even promoted the GWN on WWE Network, fans hope that the Officials could happily allow Jericho to work for the promotion.

Whether or not he actually ends up wrestling for the company will be revealed in future but for now, everything looks to be heading into a positive direction and Jericho making his Impact debut somewhere down the line is starting to look like a possible scenario.

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