Chris Jericho Reveals Many WWE Talent Have Reached Out To Him After Moxley Podcast

Chris Jericho reveals many WWE talent are eager to do their own version of the Jon Moxley podcast

Jon Moxley & Chris Jericho
Jon Moxley & Chris Jericho

The Talk Is Jericho episode featuring Jon Moxley has become a quick hit and as Chris Jericho himself revealed on Twitter, it has become the highest rated episode of the podcast within hours of its launch.

The episode has fans talking about the creative process of WWE but it appears that the whole thing has also influenced people backstage at the company and according to Jericho many of them have reached out to him after its release.

Chris recently had an interview with ESPN where he talked about the Moxley podcast and revealed that after it, many people from WWE have reached out to him. They have said that they can’t wait to do their own version of the thing when their contract expires:

“I have heard from a lot of people who are working there saying, ‘I can’t wait to do my version in X amount of months,'”

This shows that Dean Ambrose isn’t the only person who was unhappy backstage and there are many more stars who are looking to get out of their contract so they can also breathe the fresh air once again.

The names which we know have tried to leave WWE in recent times include the likes of Sasha Banks, The Revival, Luke Harper and more. Though these aren’t the only stars who have decided to leave.

We know that Gallows and Anderson have instead decided to wait for their contract to run out and if anything, this interview emphasizes that there are more stars like them who are waiting for their contract to expire to leave the promotion.