Chris Jericho Says CM Punk Doesn’t Talk To Many People Who Thought They Were His Friends

Part-time WWE Superstar Chris Jericho recently appeared on the Sam Roberts podcast and spoke about the fact that CM Punk no longer keeps in contact with many people who thought they were his friends since he left WWE.

“Punk and I were pretty tight and I haven’t heard from him since then,” Jericho said. “I’m not surprised that he left, but I’m surprised that he stopped talking to everybody, stopped talking to me, because we talked about a lot of stuff beyond wrestling.”

Jericho continued, “And that kind of surprised me more than anything, he just detached himself. From what I understand, I’m not the only one, that he pretty much of detached himself from a lot of people who thought they were his friends, but that was him. Maybe he’ll come back and maybe he won’t. In 2005 I did the same, I left and couldn’t take it. I came back and was able to be way better than I ever was.”

Check out Jericho’s full appearance on the show above.

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