Chris Jericho Says He’s The Sole Reason Double Or Nothing Sold Out

Chris Jericho made some boastful claims on the latest episode of the Road to Double or Nothing.

Chris Jericho AEW
Chris Jericho arrives in All Elite Wrestling (Photo: Ryan Mulligan)

Chris Jericho made some comments regarding AEW’s sellout of the MGM Grand Garden Arena on the latest episode of Cody’s YouTube series. During the episode, Jericho said he is the sole reason AEW soldout the arena.

“It’s a very exciting time for All Elite Wrestling after selling out Double or Nothing in just 4 minutes,” Jericho said on the show. “12000 tickets sold at the MGM Grand in just 4 minutes, it’s unprecedented!”

Jericho continued to talk about how even the fans are celebrating this accomplishment as if it is their own.

Chris Jericho Claims He’s The Reason Double Or Nothing Sold Out In 4 Minutes

“Cody and the Bucks are saying ‘we did it!'” he continued. “And every single person who bought a ticket to go to the show or is going to watch at home on PPV is saying ‘we did it we are part of something special, we made this happen together, we did it!'”

Then Jericho started to insinuate he is the only reason the show sold out.

“But is that really the truth?” Jericho asked. “Or is the more accurate description ‘I did it’ as in Chris Jericho single-handily sold 12 thousand tickets in 4 minutes because that is the truth. It doesn’t matter if Kenny Omega is on the show, or Cody’s on the show, or MJF is on the show, I made it happen.”

Jericho is scheduled to wrestle Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing in a match which could close the show.

“I am the sole reason why AEW is a smash success right out of the gate,” Jericho continued. “And I want all of you to thank me for that. You’re welcome.”