Chris Jericho Speaks On The Current Wrestling Product, Bryan/Cesaro, Web Series

The following are highlights from a new interview with former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho:

On his new web series “But I’m Chris Jericho”: “Well obviously, it’s kind of an extended universe for me and almost a kind of mockumentary, Christopher Guest kind of a vibe of this initial concept that I had from a nugget of truth of when I first moved out of wrestling and came out to Los Angeles to study acting and break into this world over here; I realized very early on that while I was a ‘superstar’ from another genre of entertainment, a lot of people out in Hollywood really didn’t care what I had accomplished in the past. So, I would come to do an audition with 10 other people who would look just like me for ‘Bachelor part #12’ to deliver one line, like ‘This telephone is not working’ and they’d say ‘Thanks, next!’ And I’d go ‘But I’m Chris Jericho, don’t I get a chance? A better shot?’

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So, I started thinking: what would happen if (Chris) Jericho got kicked out of wrestling, got blackballed and had nowhere to go, nowhere to turn, so I had to get into acting, but I had to take what I could get and kind of start at the lowest level to survive. And so, that’s kind of the whole concept of the show, and it took us about 6 years to sell it. We worked long and hard in doing the pilot and writing the scripts and we tried to pitch it and no one was really interested. Then, about a year and a half ago, my partner called me and he’s like ‘I sold the show’. I was like ‘What show is that?’, he said ‘But I’m Chris Jericho’. I said ‘You’re still working on that?!’ and he told me yeah.

So that’s how it all got started and to come and do it as a web series was even smarter in this day and age because I think 3 or 4 years ago, doing a web series was like doing a direct-to-dvd movie or something, but now to do a web series, it’s the smartest way to have content in this day and age and it’s almost the way of the future as far as the way people will be watching tv shows from now on, I’d have to say.”

On the current WWE product: “I don’t watch a lot because of my schedule being super crazy, over-the-top busy, but I follow along with what’s going on online and stuff. I like what the Shield was doing. I like the Daniel Bryan character. I like some of the more underrated characters; I think Antonio Cesaro is a tremendous performer. You know, there’s a lot of different guys that I think are really coming into their own and a lot of guys that WILL come into their own over the next few years and that’s basically the most important thing when you’re in that business, playing character, is that you really have to get the confidence and the ability to know what it is that you’re doing and where it is you want to go with your character and once you can kind of stumble upon that, you’ll grow by leaps and bounds. Sometimes it just takes time to figure out ‘Who am I, as this character?’ and ‘What do I need to do to bring this guy forward?’”

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