Chris Jericho Talks About His Future In WWE, His Relationship With Vince

Part-time WWE Superstar was a guest this week on The Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll. The full interview can be heard on the 106.7 The Fan and CBS DC website. While discussing his new book, Jericho spoke about his future in WWE:

“Over the last four of five years my schedules and dates surround Fozzy, and WWE has kind of been not as much of a priority. I still love doing it, but I realize it’s not something I’m going to be doing forever. I realized that years ago. To go back for the European shows, Roman Reigns got hurt, there was some injuries and I always enjoy working overseas. So, it’s kind of just a quick little run. Other than that I don’t know. When this Fozzy tour ends, whenever that may be, if I have time available and the WWE has something interesting for me to do. It’s not like they’re just sitting around waiting for Chris Jericho to come back. There have been times… I was going to go back for WrestleMania 30, but we couldn’t figure out anything for me to do that was worthy of that.”

Jericho also spoke about winning Vince McMahon over by not being another “yes man” –

“There [have been] a lot of confrontations with Vince, but that’s because there’s a mutual respect. And some of them get out of control… It’s only because both of us respect each other, trust each other, and believe each other. It doesn’t mean I’m always going to like the things he does or the things he wants to do. And it doesn’t mean that he’s going to like the things that I do and the way that I act and react to things either.”

Other topics discussed include:

* Cody Rhodes and Santino Marella’s bizarre posing competition at a post-WrestleMania party for WWE employees (judged by Undertaker)

* Kid Rock’s reaction to said wacky contest (Jericho was standing with him)

* How he selects which stories aren’t worthy of making it into the book

* How he convinced editors to put a “bonus track” chapter in the book with extra stories

* How the writing process has become easier with Best In The World