Christian Explains Why Name Of His Finisher Was Changed In Second WWE Run

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Christian has given some insight into the decision that was made about the name of his finisher when he was an active pro wrestler.

If you recall, during his first stint with the WWE, his finisher was called The Impaler while he was with The Brood but later changed it to The Unprettier which stuck for a while. Once he decided to go to TNA in 2005 where he had a successful run, his finisher name stayed the same until he decided to return to the WWE three years later and placed on the ECW brand and the name of the move was once again changed to The Killswitch.

During a recent episode of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, the former World Heavyweight Champion explained why the name of the finisher was changed.

“The name The Unprettier kinda came as a joke between myself and The Hardys and Adam we would joke around. I don’t even remember how we came up with it but I jokingly called it The Unprettier because I hate how it makes you feel so damn unpretty.”

He continued by stating that they would jokingly talk about it behind-the-scenes and one announcer (could’ve been Michael Cole) heard it and then said it on the air during his match where it would later stick.

“But I never thought the name matched how dangerous the move was. So when I came back from TNA to WWE I kinda wanted to repackage a few different things, the name of my finish being one of them. I had a conversation earlier that first day back with Vince and I told him my feelings on it and what I wanted to name it and he went, ‘no that’s great. Do it.’ So that’s how it got changed.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcribed quotes.