Christian Opens Up On Possible Return To In-Ring Competition

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Christian recently did an interview with WINCLY podcast last week where he spoke about a wide range of pro wrestling related topics. This includes a potential return to in-ring action.

It should be noted that his career in the pro wrestling business ended due to his history of suffering concussions. Thus, in 2014, his career came to an end once WWE doctors wouldn’t clear him to compete again.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion started out by stating that he’s 45 years old and if he was 29 or 30 and was forced to retire and felt like it wasn’t quite his time then there may be a little push to see what he could do.

“But I’m also realistic at 45. I never wanted to be one of those guys who hung on too long. I was never a guy who needed to go out there and say, good bye or anything like that. I don’t know what’s going to happen. If I had a nickel every time someone asked me if I was going into the Hall of Fame, then…I could buy a lot of stuff.”

Although the future WWE Hall of Famer is no longer wrestling, he’s now working the Kickoff Shows for WWE pay-per-view events.