Christian Reveals Which TNA Mistake That AEW Needs To Avoid

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Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Christian recently gave his take on the current state of pro wrestling and the launch of AEW while doing an interview with TV Insider to promote his new television series on the History Channel, Knight Fights, which he is hosting.

This is where he gave some advice for AEW officials, and it all stems back to TNA Wrestling, which had an unbelievable roster in the early 2010s but was too focused on what the WWE was doing instead of just focusing on their product. They did so to the point that in 2010, they moved their flagship show Impact! From Thursday to Monday in order to go head-to-head with WWE RAW.

In the eyes of the future WWE Hall of Famer, If AEW can avoid doing so, he thinks they will be just fine.

“I think that they need to focus on themselves. I think the knock TNA had is they seemed to worry too much about what WWE was doing instead of focusing on their own. That would be the way to go, in my opinion. As far as new signing Chris Jericho goes, he is obviously one of the biggest names in the history of the industry.”

“So that is a major feather in their cap right off the bat that they are legit and going to try to make it work. Otherwise, Chris is a professional. He wouldn’t have attached himself to it if he didn’t think AEW had a bright future.”

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