Update On CM Punk & AJ Lee’s Horror Movie ‘Rabid’

CM Punk AJ Lee
Former WWE Superstars CM Punk and AJ Lee

Former WWE Superstars CM Punk and AJ Lee have started a new chapter in their careers. The married couple will be working together on a new horror film. Punk and AJ will appear in Rabid, a remake of the 1977 horror film directed by David Cronenberg.

The remake is being directed by the Soska Sisters, the duo behind ‘See No Evil 2′ starring Kane. The synopsis for Rabid reads, “After a young woman, Rose, suffers a disfiguring accident, she undergoes an experimental stem-cell treatment that leads to unintended consequences.”

The main character Rose will be portrayed by Laura Vandervoort (Jigsaw, Ted). Punk and AJ will be playing the married couple of Billy and Kira, which should not be too much of a stretch for them.

AJ posted a photo on Instagram of herself in character. She said it was an honor to be involved with the project and her heart is “full of joy” because the movie has so many talented women working on it.  “It was an honor to be a teeny part of a project with female writers/directors, a female director of photography, female camera operators, a badass female lead, and a story showcasing a ride or die female friendship,” AJ wrote. “I am beyond inspired and my heart is full of joy.”

No release date for Rabid has been announced, but principal photography began in last month in Toronto.

CM Punk: Second City Star

Reports are in that CM Punk has already filmed his scenes for the horror remake and has already picked up another lead role in another horror film. The film is titled Team Player and filming starts in the next couple months in Illinois.

Punk will also be hosting the newest season of Netflix ‘s Ultimate Beastmaster.