CM Punk Asks Fans Why They Watch Wrestling

CM Punk recently asked fans why they watch wrestling when they don't seem to enjoy it very much.

CM Punk
CM Punk

CM Punk posted a question on Twitter recently which garnered a strong reaction from fans. Punk asked his followers why they continue to watch something that they don’t seem to enjoy very much.

Punk responded to a few comments in the thread as well:

The winner of the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic, TJ Perkins, weighed in on the above comment.

CM Punk On Batista’s New Movie

Punk recently Tweeted out that he enjoyed Batista’s new movie “Stuber.” Batista responded to Punk’s comments as well:

Cody On AEW Leaving The Door Open For CM Punk

While Punk has not expressed an interest in returning to wrestling, Cody has said the door is always open for him in AEW, however.

“I’ve been very honest about that door remains opened,” Cody said to “The fans have never given up on CM Punk and if he wanted to be part of AEW we would do everything in our power to make him part of it.”

“That door will forever remain open to CM Punk. He was very good to me in OVW. He was a great person to learn from in the ring. I had a good relationship with him. That door will remain open, but for All Out the main focus for me is Hangman Page and Chris Jericho to determine the very first AEW World Champion.”