CM Punk Competes In Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

CM Punk competed in a novice BJJ tournament recently.

Former WWE Superstar Phil Brooks (CM Punk) recently competed in a brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament at the Chicago Grappling Games.

Punk competed in the Men’s Seniors Gi, Blue Belts, Under 199.99 division. In a field of three competitors, he finished third.

CM Punk In 2019

Fans of CM Punk’s who wish to follow his post-wrestling career in 2019 have several options. Punk stars in the horror film “Girl on the 3rd Floor” released earlier this year. The film holds a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes currently, albeit with only a few reviews. He also appears regularly as a guest commentator for various comic books, TV shows, or films he is interested in.

Punk also recently commented on the WrestleMania 35 main event and Shane McMahon referring to himself as “the Best in the World.” He spoke to the Stadium’s Sauce & Shram show following the event.

“Those three women last night, put it all on the line, for everybody’s entertainment,” Punk said. “And I think the best thing to come out of all of that is the little girls that can watch that and aspire to be something greater than what we all are.”