CM Punk, Hangman Page & More React To John Oliver WWE Segment

Wrestling personalities have weighed in on John Oliver's segment from Last Week Tonight

John Oliver bashed Vince McMahon and WWE this weekend on HBO’s Last Week Tonight. Several wrestling personalities have chimed in on the segment as well as the issues presented in it.

Wrestling Personalities React To John Oliver WWE Segment

CM Punk has had a fairly contemptuous relationship with WWE in the past. He encouraged his followers to re-tweet the segment.

Hangman Page offered up the following in response to the points raised in the John Oliver segment:

Joey Janela invited John Oliver to come see one of his “Joey Janela’s Spring Break” shows.

Jim Cornette is never shy about offering his opinion on anything. He offered up that he felt the segment was as honest as any outside media piece he’s seen on pro-wresting in 40 years.

Colt Cabana noted a story about ESPN contacting him years ago and him telling them the real story was on the independent contractor status of WWE wrestlers.

Joey Ryan offered up the following:

WWE issued a statement to media about the segment, noting they contacted the show’s producers before the segment aired.

A link to a clip of John Oliver is below but please note it is geo-restricted from playing in some countries.