CM Punk Was Reportedly Tony Khan’s First Pick For New Promotion

CM Punk may have been Tony Khan's first pick to start a new promotion with.

CM Punk Tony Khan

All Elite Wrestling will present their first official event next month. According to recent comments on Wrestling Observer Radio, however, AEW President Tony Khan had someone other than the Elite in mind originally when deciding to start a new promotion.

“If (CM Punk) wants to wrestle, he was Tony Khan’s first pick before Jericho, before the Young Bucks, before anyone,” said Dave Meltzer. “If he wants to wrestle he can wrestle and make very good money if that’s what he wants.”

CM Punk Masked Run-In

A video featuring a masked Punk making a run-in at an independent event recently has caused a stir. The event was being promoted by Silas Young (who would later confirm it was Punk under the mask). Punk had performed earlier in his career in the same venue and this weekend’s event was scheduled to be it’s last.

He made his run-in during the Ace Steel vs. Daryck St. Holmes match.

CM Punk Statement On Return To Wrestling From 2016

In 2016, Punk made some predictions about a potential return to pro-wrestling that seem to have come to fruition.

Its not going to be anything televised,” Punk said to ESPN Radio. “It’s gonna be me in a ninja f*cking outfit, wrestling one of my buddies.”