CM Punk: “It’s Completely Strange’ For WWE To Hold WrestleMania Right Now

CM Punk gave his honest take

CM Punk
CM Punk

CM Punk recently did an interview with No Sports Report where he talked about WWE’s decision to push forward with WrestleMania 36.

WWE had to make the change to the location of the event due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, which has been impacting their event schedule. It was moved to the Performance Center and held in front of no fans. It’ll also be a two-night event. 

“Even from a business standpoint, a fan standpoint, you gotta push the date, reschedule, have it in June/July. What is the silver lining in that? Maybe you can have it in an open-air arena in the midwest when it’s warm. 

Punk says the situation is almost as if WrestleMania is cancelled, but they’re moving forward anyways. He also revealed that there’s buzz behind the scenes that certain performers are sick.

“Yeah, I think it’s completely strange. You know, I hear all the rumors of who’s sick.”

– CM Punk

Then you’ve got all these guys that are whether the culture there has changed or not, are going to be job scared so they’re going to show up and then they get somebody else sick. Obviously, that’s how the virus works.”

Punk continued by noting that he thought the decision was just so obtuse and the wrong decision. He stated that he wouldn’t have made a two-night event. He then brought up how they pre-taped segments and questioned the insanity of watching it come Sunday if there are spoilers. 

Punk also talked about how it must suck for the performers to work in front of no fans under these conditions. 

It is not entirely surprising that CM Punk is outspoken about WWE’s practices. He is known for speaking his mind almost as much as his ring work. He is also not on very good terms with WWE, despite occasional appearances on the FS1 Backstage show.

You can listen listen to CM Punk’s comment about WWE moving forward with WrestleMania below.