Wednesday, December 2, 2020

CMLL 82nd Anniversary Show Results & Live Coverage

Time for live coverage of CMLL’s biggest show of the year, which is streaming live at with no VOD replays.

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Esfinge, Fuego ,& The Panther vs. Disturbio, Puma King, &Virus

Virus’s rudo team won by taking the second and third falls. Really good, smooth opener with lots of cool flying and exchanges. As always, Virus is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the world holding everything together. Nice way to start the show since everyone looked good and they didn’t do too much.

Guerrero Maya Jr., Maximo, & Stuka Jr. vs. Dragon Rojo, Polvora, & Rey Escorpion

The rudos (Dragon/Polvora/Escorpion) won the first fall after Stuka Jr. missed a moonsault and Maya got dropped with a second rope Dominator. Technicos took over with a dive train in the second fall, with Stuka hitting a top rope splash while Maya hit a tope. Maximo kissed Escorpion (and made a big show of making it look like he was using tongue) to get a roll-up pin. Third fall went back and forth and they slowed it down a bit to make the finishing stretch more spectacular.  Stuka did what can only be described as a reverse pencil dive over the post while Maya did a somersault tope, but Escorpion dodged a Maximo kiss and hit a package piledriver for the win.

Don’t ask why that’s not a DQ. Sometimes they’ll introduce new moves for heels that aren’t “officially” illegal “martinete” piledrivers.

Two rudo wins in a ow so far.

Dark Angel vs. Princesa Sugehit in Dark Angel’s last match before starting as a WWE coach

This is up now. Being Angel’s last match they’ve probably got something special in mind.

Lots of chain wrestling to start followed by some cools spots where they each tried to feint openings and set traps for each other running the ropes. Slower build than the other matches so far. After some exchanges on the ramp, the first really big spot was Angel crashing and burning on the floor after Sugehit dodged a tope. Angel won a very good one fall match with the Reinera submission (think a torture rack but around her back) for the win. Ceremony was pretty low key but nice.

Dragon Lee, Mistico II, & Valiente vs. Negro Casas, Felino, & Mr. Niebla

This is the super flashy high flying technico team against the veteran rudos, with Casas (who I’m pretty sure hasn’t aged since 1996)  and Felino being brothers. Rudos win the first fall quickly when Niebla put Mistico in La Neblina, the submission hold where he ties you in a knot and poses.

Please don’t ask about Kemonito (the dwarf in the blue monkey costume). He’s impossible to explain quickly.

Technicos won the second fall when Mistico pinned Casas with La Casita (his own move, basically the same as La Magistral) and Lee hit a facebreaker out of a tombstone setup. Yes, hardcore lucha fans or more sick of the rushed first two falls than you are.

Crazy triple dive (Valiente does a moonsault as the other two do somersault dives) hit perfectly by the technico team in the third fall. Their timing on that spot is ridiculous. Speaking of which, Casas’s timing, speed, and reflexes are unreal for a guy in his mid 50s, and he took his trademark bump over the top rope to the floor perfectly. Lee eliminated Casas with a tree of woe double foot stomp and then Mistico submitted Niebla with La Mistica for the win. Really, really good match.

Shocker, Volador Jr., & Ultimo Guerrero vs. Marco Corleone, Rush, & Thunder

Entrances for this on now. Corleone may be familiar t newbies, as he’s the former Mark Jindrak. Thunder is a tall, jacked Australian who the promotion is really high on even though he’s not exactly good. Rush is the one to watch for new viewers, like a younger version of Negro Casas. Yes, he uses Chris Benoit’s old music.

First fall ends with Marco hitting Aire Italia (running dive from the ramp over the top rope into the ring) as Thunder hit a top rope splash. In theory. Thunder was late.

Second fall was fun. Corleon accidentally hit Thunder with Aire Italia, so Guerrero capitalized and hit a delayed suplex on Thunder (legitimately really impressive) while Shocker hit a top rope elbw take the fall. Volador also hit his plancha off the screen onto Rush, which always looks crazy.

Guerrero is tremendous at carrying Thunder and hit an awesome looking running flying clothesline off the ramp. Thunder is still super green to the point Guerrero had to very obviously jump into his arms for a Randy Orton style quick turning powerslam. Another great flying clothesline by Guerrero, this time diving over the barricade into the crowd.

Finish saw Rush hip toss the referee (Tirantes) and then kick him in the head. Tirantes got up, helped Volador dump Rush out of the ring, and raised Volador hand for a win by DQ. Crowd enjoyed the finish. Rush and Volador seemingly agreed to a hair vs. hair match during the post-match mic work. Good match, crowd was really hot for it, and the intensity was at a level above everything else so far.

CMLL’s Edecanes (ring girls) out to dance in glow in the dark bikinis before the main event.

Atlantis vs. La Sombra (Mask vs. Mask)

Just how much jeopardy  is Atlantis’s legendary mask in?

Entrance of the night goes to La Sombra:

Atlantis is bumping like he knows this is his last big match.He physically looks great so far. Atlantis wins the first fall by DQ when Rush (Sombra’s second) pulled the referee out of the ring to stop a pin attempt.Volador ran in to fight him, and both were ejected to the back.

Sombra takes the second with schoolboy rollup into a deadlift into a sort of a powerbomb. Alright, time for la tercera caida!

Crowd getting super hot but clearly can tell they haven’t peaked for a finish yet. Awesme spot where Atlantis sends Sombra over the rail and then hit a running tope on the floor from ringside into the crowd. Atlantis hit a gorgeous top rope plancha that they got great camera angles on. GREAT near fall with Sombra countering La Atlantida into his schoolboy powerbomb. They teased Sombra winning with a foul while the ref was bumped, but Atlantis blocked it and hit multiple quebradoras (tilt a whirl backbreakers).Ramping up with bigger moves including a German superplex near fall for Atlantis.

RUSH RUNS OUT TO DISTRACT THE REF WHILE SOMBRA IS IN LA ATLANTIDA. Oh my. Sombra goes for a tombstone, ref stops him, Atlantis gets La Atlantida, drops to his knees, and that’s it! Great  match, great drama with some clever teases, but the crowd didn’t sound like it believed Atlantis’s mask was in as much jeopardy as it was last year.

Time to meet the man behind La Sombra. They showed his family crying in the crowd, and he made a lat ditch effort to escape with Rush as his bodyguard. Eventually he unmasks and puts over Atlantis as a legend.  The ring announcer reveals that La Sombra is Manuel Alfonso Andrade from Gomez Palacio Durango, and 25 year-old with 11 years as a pro. Sounded like they said this was Atlantis’s 29th mask to add to his collection.

Really strong show with a great, emotional main event and post-match. CMLL fund a way to put this up without a paywall so you’ll probably get plenty of chances to see this online if you missed it.This right here is pro wrestling:

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