Cody Announces Plans To Run For Texas State Senate in 2020

Former Ring of Honor World Champion, Cody, has announced plans to run for the Texas State in 2020. The announcement was made on the season premiere of “Being the Elite” released last night.

Cody recited a speech from a Harry Potter movie into a mirror as if it was a political address and then handed Page a tablet with a “Cody for Texas State Senate 2020” logo.

Being the Elite Season Premiere

The Young Bucks had previously teased they were finished with Being the Elite following SuperCard of Honor. After a couple weeks hiatus, however, two mini-episodes were released. On last night’s show, Flip Gordon was able to convince the Bucks to bring the show back by pointing out their dwindling merchandise sales.

The first episode of the new season titled “Premier” featured updates on several other characters as well.

Hangman Page ran into Lanny Poffo backstage at an ROH show. Poffo was there to participate in an in-ring segment with Jay Lethal. Page confirmed with Poffo that a long-held rumor about him is indeed true but not the one he was thinking about. On his way out of Poffo’s locker room, Page accidentally hit Jay Lethal in the head while opening the door, knocking him out. When Lethal came to and saw Poffo, he reverted to his old Black Machismo character from TNA.

Last season on the show, Scurll signed a recording contract and announced he was leaving the Elite. A clip was shown in yesterday’s episode showing Scurll getting fired from the record company for just re-hashing old Backstreet Boys songs.

As for Kenny Omega, he was shown receiving a package marked “urgent” from the Young Bucks. The show would end before he opened it, however.

Tickets for All-In go on sale May 13th, 2018. The show takes place September 1st, 2018 from the Sears Center Arena in Chicago.