Cody Comments on WWE Inviting Him To Dusty Rhodes Classic

A fan on Twitter recently asked Cody why WWE doesn’t invite him to attend the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic which honors his late father.  Cody’s response was as follows:

Cody and WWE Clashes Over Dusty Legacy

WWE and Cody have had something of a tumultuous relationship since the 32-year-old left the company in 2016. As Cody had only ever performed under the name “Cody Rhodes” under WWE’s umbrella, the company and not Cody was able to claim ownership of the fictional last name “Rhodes”.

Cody and WWE also butted heads over the company using the name Starrcade for a show last year. On the other hand, Cody has generally been supportive of NXT using Dusty-created concepts, such as the return of War Games. He issued the below response after news of the match-concept returning broke: