Cody Defends Starrcast From Scam Allegations, Ranks Star Wars Movies

Cody Rhodes All In

In recent weeks, there has been some mild controversy over Vince Russo being specifically excluded from Starrcast. Another podcast host has now fired shots at Cody for how Starrcast is being organized as well.

The producers of the podcast “Wrestling Soup” are booked for Starrcast despite the fact the hosts have been critical of Cody in the past. Cody used their inclusion at Starrcast recently in a Tweet.

The producers of Wrestling Soup then disputed the “payday” Cody referenced above.

Cody then clarified that talent at Starrcast are being given an opportunity to earn new fans.

“Cody, this is the same scam that promoters (music, wrestling, etc) have ran for YEARS,” Wrestling Soup’s host said in a Tweet. “It’s an intangible promise therefore basically a lie. I was respecting your hustle till you said “I’m trying to get people paydays” and just NOW you denied making people pay. Wtf man?”

“I’m not seeing your argument,” Cody responded. “No scam ha. I’m not the operations manager of Starrcast, but ill personally refund any expense your team/brand has incurred or I’ll refund you and have somebody else take the spot. All In is meant to be fun, that’s all!”

Are Cody and the Young Bucks Teasing CM Punk Will Be At All-In?

Another fan then accused Cody and the Bucks from attempting to profit off of the talent booked for Starrcast. He also addressed the idea that CM Punk was involved in producing All-In.

Cody Ranks the Star Wars Movies

With the latest Star Wars movies in theaters, Cody recently ranked every Star Wars movie from best to worst. Cody is a noted Star Wars fan.

1- Empire
2- Last Jedi
3- Force awakens
4- Return Of the Jedi
5- Revenge of the Sith
6- New Hope
7- Solo
8- Clone Wars
9- Phantom Menace
10- Rogue one
11- Rebels
12- Attack of the clones

Cody most recently competed on Ring of Honor’s Honor United tour. After defeating Kenny King in London, it was revealed Cody will challenge for the ROH Championship before All-In. If Cody holds the ROH World Championship come September 1st, his match for the NWA World Heavyweight belt will be a title vs title match.