Cody Discusses AEW Double Or Nothing Attendance Goal

AEW: Double Or Nothing
AEW: Double Or Nothing

As All Elite Wrestling announces ticket information for its first official show, Cody has revealed his goal for Double or Nothing attendance.

Speaking with Jim Ross on this week’s Jim Ross Report, Cody says that the MGM Grand will be scaled for a larger potential crowd than last year’s All In event in Chicago.

“Right now, I have the building, me, Matt and Nick, we have it scaled for 11,600,” Cody said.

Once the arena is set up for the television shoot, Cody says that the capacity could increase.

“Some folks might know, some seats might become available. If we had a camera there, then we kill that camera, that might open up a few hundred seats.”

“We’re aiming to hit that 11,600.”

Double or Nothing Tickets

In discussing AEW’s aims for the event, Cody also says that transparency and honesty about attendance numbers is key.

“We want to be honest about our tickets from day one,” said Cody. “It’s real easy in this day and age for people just to look it up, or just to talk to the fire marshal. You can’t really say we had 100,000 people in the building anymore unless you have.”

That assertion stands in stark contrast to WWE’s stance of announcing inflated attendance numbers on television. Those TV numbers become canon, and those curious about the real number are left to comb through earnings reports months later to make a determination.

Cody also laments that Double or Nothing, for all of its buzz, will not double All In’s attendance.

“It’s funny, we were kicking ourselves over calling it Double or Nothing, we couldn’t find a building that had 20,000 to compete with the 10,000 [of All In],” said Cody.

Still, Cody says that he’s excited to run the MGM Grand.

“This building, it’s got wrestling history,” Cody said. “I went to WCW pay-per-views here, Matt and Nick did as well.”

“I’m real excited about bringing our fans, for some our fans to see Vegas for the first time.”

You can hear Cody’s complete interview with JR below.

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