Cody Has Two Women in Mind to Join Bullet Club

Cody believes he is the leader of Bullet Club and that is why he recently attempted to change the faction’s logo. Some of his stablemates appear to be growing frustrated with the former ROH World Champion.

In a recent Q&A session with ROH fans, Cody revealed he is looking to recruit two women into Bullet Club.

Cody on Recruiting Women into Bullet Club

When asked, here is what Cody had to say on the subject:

“I’m going to recruit women to the Bullet Club and I have two in mind. Two in mind, which is a secret. All this nonsense, ‘Well, New Japan doesn’t have women,’ well, the world has women. Women of Honor. We have the tournament finals at Supercard of Honor, come on! The Bullet Club needs women and not just, ‘Oh, they’re kinda in, but kinda not,’ no, they need to be official members brought into the fold of the Bullet Club.”

Rumored names of female wrestlers for Bullet Club include Tenille Dashwood. She addressed these rumors last week:

“They would have to do some sweet talking and we’d have to work some things out. You never know what’s ahead. I’m not saying yes or no, I’m saying it depends.”

Another rumored name includes Summer Rae, who tweeted this out not long after her WWE release:

Further possible names include members of the WOH roster such as Kelly Klein or Mandy Leon. Cody may also be referring to Brandi Rhodes, although it is not clear if she is already officially a member of the faction or not.

Amber Gallows was the first ever female member of Bullet Club.