Cody Rhodes Can’t See Himself Going Back To WWE

Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Cody Rhodes recently did an interview with to promote this weekend’s Supercard Of Honor XII event. Rhodes first commented on his feud with Kenny Omega:

“I spend more time with those guys. I put in way more work than Kenny, who has the reputation of having some of the best matches in the world, but that’s a lot easier to do when you barely ever wrestle. The issue has been Kenny not going quietly into the night. We thought it would be easy for me to beat up Kenny Omega with Crossroads and leave him lying, and I would be the leader of the Bullet Club. But Kenny is not giving up the position, the title easily.”

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion then explained why his upcoming match with Omega is important:

“Whether there were tensions or whether this was a cold match, it still holds the same importance because it’s the very first time Kenny and I have ever squared off in singles competition. It was a match people have asked for for a number of years. We weren’t getting close to it because we were both members of the Bullet Club.

“There’s been tension, but this match is very important to the wrestling community. His star has risen from his performances, his stellar matches that he has had in Japan, and here in the States as well. He should be very proud of what he’s been able to accomplish.”

In regards to a possible return to WWE, Rhodes really can’t see that happening for him anytime soon:

“It’s always safe to say never say never. But … no. Only because we’ve taken on such a project with All In. Wrestling is currently going through a revolution. It’s less about the brand and more about the talent and their fans. That’s my focus. I don’t think I really could belong anywhere ever again. I make Ring of Honor my home team these days, but I still play my music how I want to play it. I had a great time in WWE. I had multiple singles matches at WrestleMania.

“Met my wife there. It was a really wonderful place to grow up. It’s the house that built me. But also, it’s where I learned the fundamentals of this industry, which have led me to seek it outside WWE. The wrestling that I love the most doesn’t happen there. It’s not a knock on them. It’s just the wrestling that I love the most, is out there in the world. And that’s where I tend to be these days.”

You can read Rhodes’ full interview with by clicking this link here.