Cody Rhodes Continues To Tease All In 2

Cody All In

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks made history this past Saturday Night when they filled the 10,000 seat arena in Chicago and presented the All In event.

The whole show has generally been praised by the fans and now as the dust of the event is settling, the big question is if we’ll see more from the production of this trio.

Impact backstage interviewer Alicia Atout recently talked to Cody after the event and she asked the new NWA Worlds Champion how he is feeling about everything after the show.

Answering the question the former WWE Star claimed that the 10,000 plus people in the arena felt like 100,000 plus and said that while he doesn’t want to jump and say ‘I am ready to do it again’ there is definitely a thirst for what they are offering.

Continuing on the topic, Rhodes also talked about his Championship victory during the event and said that the NWA title he is holding really feels like it weighs 10 pounds.

This is not the only tease for a second All In event. As noted before, the trio talked about a possible All In II after their show in Chicago went off air and the latest episode of Being The Elite also teases the same.

The big question now is if all three of the show’s promoters are in favor of another such event and if they are then when can we expect to see it.

You can check out the interview of Cody Rhodes in the video below: