Cody Rhodes On Stardust Gimmick: “In The End, Blame Is On Me”

All Elite Wrestling's Cody Rhodes has opened up about his time portraying Stardust in WWE, sharing that "In the end, blame is on me."

Cody Rhodes
"The American Nightmare" Cody

All Elite Wrestling’s Cody Rhodes has reflected on his time in WWE portraying the Stardust character. Responding to a tweet from talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, Cody explained how the Stardust gimmick had broken him and that he was a “subpar performer” during that time because of it.

“Not pushing Stardust wasn’t the crime, the character had broke me and I was a subpar performer under the paint during that period. The crime was not capitalizing on 2010-12 where I was cooking with gas and my live event work was top level consistent. In the end, blame is on me.”

Cody would be repackaged with the Stardust gimmick in mid-2014. It would see him don face paint, a bodysuit, and adopt mannerisms that initially aped those of his brother, Goldust.

In 2016, Cody revealed he had officially requested his release from WWE. He later revealed he had “pleaded” with WWE writers to end the Stardust gimmick for over 6 months. Despite pitching several storylines, all of them were ignored.

Cody Rhodes’ Dynamite Double Duty

Cody Rhodes is set for double duty this week on AEW Dynamite. Not only will he be facing off against Jimmy Havoc, he will also be providing commentary duties alongside Tony Schiavone.

For fans tuning in tonight, AEW has also introduced a Cody Commentary Drinking Game. The rules are simple:

  • Every time Cody says “Wait a minute…” during commentary, take a drink
  • If Cody says “Wait a minute” more than once in a row, chug for 5 seconds

Cody Rhodes previously shared how he had a bad habit on commentary—one he promised to purposefully lean into during the show.

Dynamite takes place from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida in front of zero fans due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

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