Cody Rhodes on When He’ll Make a Decision For His ‘New Home’

Cody Rhodes
"The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes recently did an interview with CBS Sports’ Chuck Carroll to talk about a variety of professional wrestling topics. You can check out some highlights here below:

You mentioned your wife [Brandi Rhodes]. When last we spoke, she was still training and premiered with Impact. How is that coming along? What does the future hold for her?

“She’s crazy. She wants to do tables and tacks. She asked me about flash paper the other day.”

Shut up. Seriously?

“Yeah! She did tacks with Joey Ryan at WrestlePro in Orlando. I gave her the worst advice ever and said you won’t feel it because of the adrenaline. And then I could tell she felt every bit of it. But flash paper is when you’re literally throwing a fireball at somebody. So, I might draw the line at flash paper. She likes that gritty element of what we do. It’s funny, because I don’t know if she watched any ECW or death-match stuff or any old Terry Funk stuff. Maybe she has been.”

You did an interview with Sports Illustrated not long ago where you said that it was almost time to make a decision on a permanent new home. What goes into the decision?

“I guess I spoke too soon. It’s probably not time to make a decision. But if I did make a decision, it’s just a matter of trust. There’s so little trust in pro wrestling. So little. And there should be. We all love this thing and want to put on the best show and fill all of the seats in the house. But it’s trust and being around people in the office that I trust. I trust every guy in the locker room for the most part. But it’s finding that top brass in most companies that I know, if I put my name on the dotted line, that I’ll be taken care of. Honestly, any offer that came my way I haven’t really looked at. My date book is still pretty deep — all the way through September. It goes everywhere. We’ll probably revisit it then.”

So end of September, but you don’t have a firm date?

“No, and I keep adding independent dates. So who knows?”