Cody Rhodes Reacts To NXT Great American Bash

All Elite Wrestling's Cody Rhodes has responded to WWE's announcement that NXT will be bringing back The Great American Bash.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

AEW TNT Champion Cody Rhodes has reacted to WWE’s recent announcement that NXT is reviving the Great American Bash to counter-program AEW Fyter Fest.

When a fan stated via Twitter that WWE should be giving Cody Rhodes’ mother a check for using the event name, Cody responded with a crying laughter emoji.  The champ wrote, “it’s all good friend.”

Cody shared that he appreciated where the fan was coming from and noted that The Great American Bash means a lot to himself and his sister. That being said, he explained how he doesn’t own the IP and isn’t “holding much of a grudge on it.” 

Instead, Cody Rhodes’ focus remains on AEW and their roster. He shared how he wants to continue “Making it fun, making it violent, making it memorable.”

Like AEW’s upcoming Fyter Fest, NXT’s Great American Bash is scheduled to be a two-week event. It takes place on 7/1 and 7/8. Both shows will be going head-to-head when they air on Wednesday night. 

Cody Rhodes is scheduled to compete against Inner Circle member Jake Hager during Night One of Fyter Fest. Accompanied by Arn Anderson, Cody will attempt to defend his recently won AEW TNT Championship.