Cody Rhodes Says That The Exalted One Is Not a Vince McMahon ‘Spoof’

Brodie Lee
Brodie Lee eats first

Executive Vice President of AEW Cody Rhodes recently appeared on Busted Open Radio. The former WWE Superstar would discuss a plethora of topics regarding AEW’s ongoing taping schedule and the way that they are dealing with the COVID-19 coronavirus situation.

One of the topics brought up was that of Brodie Lee’s Exalted One character. Over the past few weeks there have been vignettes with Lee that show him to have characteristics akin to WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Cody was asked about this on Busted Open, and he denied that the character is an ‘outright parody’ of McMahon.

Cody Rhodes on the Exalted One

“I could never tell you the original plan. And I don’t even know if there ever even was an original plan” Cody began. “I will say it’s very unlikely on AEW you’ll ever hear the name Vince McMahon said.”

Cody Rhodes would then go on to talk about his respect for McMahon and his time in WWE. “If you do hear me say it [Vince’s name] in interviews? In general I always speak very, very highly of him. Because A) he’s Vince McMahon and B) I was a WWE guy to start. I didn’t come from anywhere else, I came up through their feeder system. They were the house that built me.”

Parallels Between WWE CEO & Brodie Lee

Cody Rhodes would finish by stating that there are definitely parallels between the Exalted One and Vince McMahon. However Cody seems to indicate that these are purely coincidental, and that it’s all down to Brodie Lee’s “style of leadership” for the Dark Order.

“I don’t want to be vague or coy with your question,” Cody said. “When it comes to the parallels between Brody’s style of leadership? There are a lot of unique parallels but I don’t think it’s particularly a spoof on Vince McMahon. We’ll see how develops in the next few weeks, I think Brodie just has a very…’power’ boss, very animal kingdom, kind of social Darwinism type approach to the Dark Order. And I think that falls in line with perhaps some of Vince’s quirks. But it is not an outright spoof on the legendary Mr. McMahon…not outright.”

Check out the video below if you have not already seen the Exalted One on AEW television. Let us know in the comments if you think that it is a spoof on the WWE CEO, is Cody Rhodes playing around with us?

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