Cody Rhodes Talks Being a Free Agent, Signing with WWE, ROH or NJPW

Cody Rhodes
NWA World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes recently appeared on the latest episode of NWA’s ’10 Pounds of Gold’ YouTube series. One of the masterminds behind ‘ALL IN’ defeated Nick Aldis to become NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion at the event on September 1st.

Rhodes discussed his role as NWA Champion and the fact that he would become a Free Agent on January 1st. Cody claimed that “January 1st is a very tricky day. I guess it’s taboo to talk about it but I’m ok to talk about it. I become a free agent.” Rhodes then went on to discuss this past year as a ROH/NJPW talent; “looking at how this year went with my exclusivity with Ring of Honor, how much fun I had. How much of a challenge I was presented. Looking at what I did with New Japan Pro Wrestling, looking at what with All In there was no way to map that out last year…no way. So I feel like I’m so found but I’m also so lost at the same time.”

Cody also described the NWA title as “the thing that tethers me back to reality.” describing his title win moment at ALL IN as “everything ‘right’ about wrestling.” Rhodes went on to finish the episode of ’10 Pounds’ by making some rather interesting comments about his pending free agent status: “So no matter where I go, whether I stay with Ring of Honor, whether I go back to WWE. Whether I commit to New Japan Pro Wrestling full time. Whether I just become the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion travelling the globe carrying the 10 pounds of gold…I can’t map it out. It’s tough, the only thing I know to do in this case is what I did last and I’ll do this year, go with my gut.”

Check out the episode below: