Cody Says AEW UK PPVs Are Coming, More BTE Notes

Members of the Elite dropped news today regarding AEW Double or Nothing.


With just 5 days to go until Double or Nothing, the Young Bucks released an episode of Being the Elite today.

Cody Says AEW UK PPVs Are Coming

On this week’s BTE mailbag, Cody addressed AEW PPVs possibly coming to the UK.

“AEW UK PPV, considering the most recent events, I’d say yes and I’d say hell, we were already planning on it,” Cody said. “And of course we’re going to host an actual PPV in the United Kingdom.”

He also answered a question regarding if the weekly TV show will air on ITV.

“As far as the weekly shows, you’ll have to ask the kind folks at ITV,” Cody said before winking. “Can you tell I’m winking?”

Cody Admits BTE Was Behind Anonymous Messages To Hangman Page

Cody admitted to Hangman Page this week that he’s not too big or too skinny to be in full gear. He also said that it was the producers of BTE who sent him the “juice” and had been surveying his progress.

Cody finally revealed to Page that he never needed the “secret sauce”, Page has had the ability to beat PAC this whole time. Page then adopted full gear, drove to the airport, boarded a plane, and confronted PAC at a show in Nottingham, England. The full match between the two will be posted tomorrow at 12 PM.

Brandon Cutler Added To Battle Royal

Brandon Cutler left pro-wrestling for 7-years between 2011 and 2018. He now has a contract with AEW and will compete in the Casino Battle Royal on May 25th. In addition to being a wrestler, Cutler is the Executive Content Producer for the organization. His contract signing opened up this week’s episode of Being the Elite.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus Confirmed For Casino Battle Royale

In addition to Cutler, both Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus were confirmed for the Casino Battle Royale as well. Luchasaurus also confirmed he’s able to talk during the episode.

Christopher Daniels No Habla Espanol

SCU’s Christopher Daniels was in Santiago, Chile for a bit this week. He noted (in Spanish) that his Spanish is quite poor, however. As a result, he was unable to say that Santiago was the worst town he’s ever been to. He later said he’d stop taking solo bookings.

MJF Was Going To Attack Dustin Rhodes With A Samurai Sword

MJF appeared to run after Dustin Rhodes with a samurai sword in this week’s episode. Rhodes turned around and noticed, however, causing MJF to stop. MJF later denied it was him.

The full episode can be viewed in the player below: