Cody Says AEW Won’t Do Monthly PPVs

Cody recently commented on the number of PPVs per year AEW will do.

Cody PPV

Cody says that All Elite Wrestling won’t do monthly PPVs. He also said not every show will be 4-5 hours long as Double or Nothing was.

Cody commented on future PPVs during the post-event scrum last night.

”So I think we’ll probably look at Double or Nothing and All Out as tentpole events,” Cody said. “And there may be another one. We’re not going to do a pay-per-view every month.”

He also commented on the price tag associated with the PPV.

“I realize it was $50 and to ask people to part with their money you gotta make sure it’s worth it,” he continued. “So we’re going to be… not every show is going to be four or five hours either. TV, I’ve kind of indicated with you, is a two hour TV broadcast.”

Cody on Future AEW Shows

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Cody confirmed the weekly TV show will be 2-hours.

“It’s really likely the show is going to be 2 hours. That’s the sweet spot. In terms of the schedule we’ll find out probably within the next few months for sure and it will be in a great spot to be in prime time on TNT, they’ve really set us up,” Cody said.