Colt Cabana Reveals How He’s Feeling After WWE Trial

Colt Cabana was cleared of all defamation charges brought upon him by WWE doctor Chris Amann after his podcast with CM Punk. Cabana recently took to his podcast, The Art Of Wrestling, and discussed how he has been feeling after the trial.

Cabana explained that as a result of how mentally taxing the trial was, he has found it difficult to wrestle, train and even interact with others:

“I can feel like a gravitational pull,” said Cabana. “And I’m trying to fight it, and I’m trying to smile at kids, and I’m trying to talk the grocer, or whoever it is, but I can feel, I can feel, I can feel it. And I’m fighting it. I really am. I felt it on the road this week, I know my podcast is about talking to people, a lot of me had zero desire to do any of that, [but] I still did it.

“A lot of me was thinking almost people were judging me, or the only thing to talk about on this podcast would be this trial. And then I’m like, we’re just gonna put on the recorder and talk about this trial? That really didn’t make sense to me.”

You can listen to The Art Of Wrestling by clicking this link here.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions