Conrad Thompson On Whether WWE Made Concessions For The Undertaker At Starrcast II

Conrad Thompason has addressed whether any concession was made by WWE after they pulled The Undertaker from the upcoming Starrcast II event.

The Undertaker Starrcast

In a recent media call hyping up the highly anticipated Starrcast II event, Conrad Thompson addressed the fact that WWE Superstar, The Undertaker, was pulled from the proceedings.

When queried by Wrestling Inc. whether they had received any sort of concession from WWE, Thompson replied, “No concessions were made to me. Absolutely none. It would have been nice if that were to be the case.”

He explained that he made alternative pitches to try and compensate for The Undertaker no longer appearing. Though every time he suggested a new name, including the McMahons and Shawn Michaels, he was denied.

“They Had A Contract With Me And Ultimately Did Not Honor It”

Conrad clarified that he “[…] booked The Undertaker through Get Engaged Media and wired my deposit to Get Engaged Media and I had a contract with Get Engaged Media and I was contacted by Get Engaged Media to let me know WWE would not allow The Undertaker to appear.”

“So, unfortunately, WWE is getting painted with the ugly stick here and I think The Undertaker has too and I think that’s a little unfair,” he said, before explaining that “My deal is with Get Engaged Media who marketed and advertised him on social media. They had a contract with me and ultimately did not honor it. The heat should not be with WWE or The Undertaker. It’s Undertaker’s representation, Get Engaged Media.”

Holy Grail

Although The Undertaker will no longer be at Starrcast II, WWE has allowed the event the opportunity to screen the 1986 dark match between Bret Hart and Tom Magee—a match that has recently resurfaced and is cosidered a “Holy Grail” in pro wrestling.

Starrcast II takes place between May 23-26th in Las Vegas, Nevada from Caesars Palace.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.