Corey Graves Discusses Creative Changes And WWE’s Executive Directors

Corey Graves has discussed WWE's hiring of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as RAW and SmackDown's Executive Directors, and the feeling backstage.

WWE RAW and SmackDown commentator Corey Graves was a guest on this week’s episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast.

During the show, Graves opened up about WWE’s hiring of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman. Both men are now Executive Directors of SmackDown and RAW, respectively.

He stated that everyone in the locker room is excited over the possibilities both men can bring to the product, adding that he hopes it is the start of “something cool that is going to permeate inside the entire company.”

“I know that the boys and girls that bust their ass every night all around the world that they are fired up now, and it is exciting to see, and it’s obviously a small change, and it is going to take time and take a lot of effort but hopefully, yes, in a short answer it is the change of something ,” Graves said.

“[…] we’ve got the biggest collection of talent that we’ve ever had and some of the most incredible workers you’ll ever see, and it is just a matter of turning a few things around and getting everybody back on the same page. I know it is kind of or sounds like I am giving you the PC answer, that is is not for lack of wanting on any part.”

Graves said that whatever change will come will arrive slowly, as things take time. He added that everyone is reinvigorated and that there is an undeniable buzz, before stating that whatever changes take place will be for the good of not only WWE but for the wrestling industry and fans everywhere.

H/T to The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling for the transcription.