Corey Graves Goes On Bizarre Twitter Rant

Corey Graves had an interesting rant on social media

Corey Graves
Corey Graves

WWE Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live commentator Corey Graves is known for speaking his mind both on television as well as social media. When it comes to interaction with fans on Twitter, Graves doesn’t hold back and gives honest feedback to fans who troll or make remarks he disagrees with.

On Sunday, the former NXT star went off in an odd rant that had both comments and responses to fans. He also went on the attack towards Deadspin writer David Bixenspan where he ripped him for being the most inaccurate, biased “reporter” that he has known since getting into the pro wrestling business for over a decade now. He also went as far as stating that Bixenspan is a cancer to the wrestling business.

You can check out some of his Tweets here:

His career as an active wrestler was cut short due to a history of suffering several concussions. It was a bittersweet moment as the door on his wrestling career shut while his career as a commentator began.

Since being moved up from NXT to the main roster, Graves has brought his entertaining analysis to the main roster by breaking down the matches and storylines on both RAW and SmackDown Live.