Corey Graves On Plot Hole In Brock Lesnar-MITB Storyline

On last week’s Raw, Brock Lesnar appeared and teased to cash in his Money in the Bank contract but decided against it later that night when he learned that he has a whole year to decide which champion he wants to face.

Stephanie McMahon, for some reason, called out Lesnar for, you know, playing by the rules and said that Lesnar and Paul Heyman have disrespected the WWE Universe and they are going to take action against them.

Stephanie said in the video, “They disrespected what the money in the bank contract represents. They disrespected both the Universal champion as well as the WWE Champion. I think they disrespected WWE and the entire WWE universe.

So on behalf of our organization, on behalf of all of our fans, I am going to take this matter up officially and we are going to take action.”

This move by the company which left many heads scratching, including announcer Corey Graves.

Graves tweeted out the following about WWE’s disregard for the previously set MITB rules:

“So, he’s is cashing in because the boss was mad at him for not cashing in when he said he was, even though the point of the contract is to cash in at the holder’s discretion? ?

Where’s my new chair?”

Heyman has said that Lesnar would cash in his Money in the Bank contract on the upcoming June 3 episode of Raw, with the time and moment of his choosing, against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. This remains to be seen, along with what actions Stephanie is going to take against Lesnar.