Corey Graves On What’s It Like Calling Carmella’s Matches

Corey Graves & Carmella Go Public With Their Relationship
Corey Graves and Carmella finally go public with their relationship

Corey Graves talked about calling her girlfriend Carmella’s matches when she appeared on his After the Bell podcast along with Otis.

Graves said that he feels weird calling Carmella’s matches on SmackDown Live.

“I was having discussions with the young lady behind the counter about what it’s like to call your matches, which is very strange to me because the members of the WWE Universe who watch Total Divas and follow us on social media know about our personal life to an extent, but the vast majority of the people who watch SmackDown, probably don’t exactly know,” Corey Graves said.

He also added that he wants to cheer for Carmella but it wouldn’t make much sense as he has more of a heel persona and Carmella is a face right now.

“Also, you are more of a good guy these days, whereas I tend to lean toward the villainous side, so there’s a really weird dichotomy, and I want to go, ‘Oh I want to cheer for her, but it doesn’t make sense if I cheer for her,” Corey Graves explained.

Corey Graves and Carmella started dating in 2019, and their relationship has been profiled on Total Divas too. The relationship was full of controversies as Graves’ wife made a post on Instagram in early 2019 accusing both him for cheating on her. She soon deleted her post, but it had become a hot topic online.

Both Carmella and Corey Graves denied the allegations, as it was later revealed that Graves was actually in the process of divorce with his wife for around six months and that he had been living in a different home.

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Despite all of this, Carmella and Corey Graves continue to be a strong couple and have appeared on WWE shows like Total Divas and The Bump.

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