Dakota Kai On WWE Releases, Embracing Competiton

NXT Superstar Dakota Kai has opened up about the recent releases by WWE and why it's important to embrace competition.

Dakota Kai
Dakota Kai. Image Credit: WWE.com

NXT Superstar Dakota Kai has shared her thoughts on the recent releases by WWE. Speaking with Sporting News, Kai touched on WWE’s decision and whether she was worried she would be one of them. 

Dakota Kai admitted that it was a “genuinely heartbreaking” experience to watch the releases be announced. She explained how she discovered the news unfold alongside the rest of the world. Noting how many of those let go were her peers, Kai added how it’s been a tough time. “But it’s tough for every company right now. WWE is in the limelight. All of that stuff was made public.”

The Superstar reflected on how her brother still has a job despite others in his company having been let go. She stressed how everyone is struggling during this “strange, sad time.”

“No matter what your position is in the company, it is always that sort of unknown, right?” Kai argued. “No one’s ever 100 hundred percent safe, so it was terrifying in that sense. I’m super grateful to still be able to do what I’m doing.”

Dakota Kai On Elevating NXT

Turning her attention to NXT and All Elite Wrestling, Dakota Kai reflected on their competition. She noted how if there’s another company out there bringing out a great product, it forces people to want to “elevate your own.”

According to Kai, this Wednesday night war between NXT and Dynamite is “good for the wrestling business.” She shared how she wishes people online could see that. Kai added how she wished people “would just be happy with both and not get into such heated debates about either. Wrestling is for everyone.”

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