Daniel Bryan Admits He Doesn’t Ask To Be Pushed

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan (Photo: @WWE Instagram)

Daniel Bryan recently appeared on the “Why Not Now?” podcast hosted by Amy Jo Martin. During the episode, Bryan spoke about how he struggles to advocate for himself and his character backstage.

“I’ve never been very good at being like, ‘Hey you guys should do more with me’ or ‘you guys should do this or do that with me’,” Bryan stated during the podcast. “I’ve never been someone who is motivated by that or pushes himself towards that or pushes myself towards financial goals, or pushing myself towards anything other than what I love to do. And I’m constantly having to remind myself, like, ‘hey, if you want to get to the next level where I want to be, you do have to do some pushing here.’ And so yeah, that’s a constant thing that I struggle with.”

Bryan and the show’s host are starting a book club as well. They will be reviewing Hans Rosling’s “Factfulness” beginning next month.

Daniel Bryan in 2018

It’s been an up and down return to WWE recently for Daniel Bryan. Including house shows, Bryan has now wrestled 16 matches since being medically cleared to compete.  Bryan teamed up with Shane McMahon at WrestleMania and they beat their rivals Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in his first match back after 3 years.

A dream match between Bryan and AJ Styles went to a no-contest on the first episode of Smackdown after WM34. Bryan then lasted a record amount of time in the Greatest Royal Rumble from Saudi Arabia. At Backlash, Bryan submitted Big Cass in just under 8 minutes. He then suffered his first televised loss in a single’s match to Rusev on the May 8th edition of Smackdown. Rusev qualified for the Money in the Bank match as a result of the victory.

This week on Smackdown, Bryan submitted Jeff Hardy in a match where the winner qualified for another shot at MITB qualification. Bryan will meet Samoa Joe next week with the winner moving on to the MITB match.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcribed quote