Daniel Bryan Calls Out The Miz For SummerSlam Match (Video), Curt Hawkins Relates To The Mets

Daniel Bryan Calls Out The Miz For Match At SummerSlam

On last night’s episode of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan challenged The Miz to a match at SummerSlam. Bryan called out Miz for his attack on him last week on Tuesday night. He also mentioned how Miz tortured him for two years when he thought Bryan couldn’t ever wrestle again.

Bryan said once Miz heard that he had been cleared he knew he couldn’t beat him in a fight. Miz appeared on the big screen and claimed to be on location for his Miz & Mrs. show. He also said that he’s done with Bryan. Miz said that if Bryan really wants a match with him to call his agent.

Bryan then belittled Miz’s acting career and said he’ll never be a real star like The Rock and John Cena. Check out the segment here:

Curt Hawkins On How He Relates To The New York Mets

Last night Curt Hawkins’ beloved New York Mets were destroyed 25-4 by the Washington Nationals. It’s rather poetic considering the losing spell Hawkins currently finds himself in as well.

Hawkins recently addressed this when a fan confronted him on Twitter about last night’s game. He said he and The Mets were made for each other: