Daniel Bryan Comments On Possible WM 35 Match With The Miz

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan was recently interviewed by Gorilla Position to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Bryan mainly discussed his rivalry with former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. Bryan explained why he and Miz work so well against each other:

“I would describe The Miz as somebody who doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, who doesn’t know when things get taken too far,” Bryan said. “I can be accused of the same thing as well if you look at that Talking [Smack] — I said some pretty derogatory things toward him. I was in the midst of this and I had two options, I was either gonna punch him in the face and honestly the reason he said those things is he knew I wanted to quit.

“He knew I wanted to leave and do the independents if they weren’t gonna clear me. I had said these things in interviews. He said ‘hey if you really believe these things then why don’t you go do it?’ The thing is I had asked for my release and they didn’t give it to me. There was this rage there and it was like, I’m gonna punch this guy in the face or I’m gonna walk off.”

Bryan said he is definitely up for a WrestleMania 35 match against The Miz. The only thing is he questions WWE’s ability to tell the story from now up until next April:

“I am definitely up for it. You ask me that question, I will answer with a question: do you trust WWE telling that story from now until WrestleMania 35? What in the last several years has shown to you that something like that is possible [in WWE]?” Bryan continued, “If something accidentally happens and they’ve got no control over it, it’s possible that it can happen.

“I think that would be awesome. I think it would be something the fans would be excited to see. Whether or not we can prolong because people wanna see me punch Miz in the face. I wanna punch Miz in the face. Whether we can prolong that on television for that period of time, I don’t know.”

As far as dream matches go, Bryan names a bout with Brock Lesnar as his ultimate goal, saying it’d be the ultimate David vs. Goliath story:

“If you’re talking one dream match it would be Brock Lesnar, WrestleMania 35 in Seattle Washington. Because that I think would be the ultimate David and Goliath underdog story in front of a hometown crowd that would be rabid for that. So that would be my dream match and even if it wasn’t WrestleMania, if it was just in Seattle it would be super cool.”

You can listen to Bryan on Gorilla Position by clicking this link here.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions