Daniel Bryan Discusses Suffering Depression In Cities

Daniel Bryan has openly discussed suffering from depression, particularly when he has to be in a city.

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan (Photo: Scott Lesh)

Jimmy Jacobs, who is a former writer for WWE and current Impact Wrestling talent, is the latest wrestler to produce a podcast.

Entitled, “Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know,” the first guest on his show will be none other than the former WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan.

“I’m Having A Mental Breakdown”

Jacobs has released a preview clip of the episode in which Daniel Bryan openly recounts his struggle with depression—something that becomes more acute for him when he has to be in cities.

“When I’m in cities around a lot of non-living things, I am more likely to be depressed than I am when I’m in Washington when I’m around trees,” he admitted.

“When I finally accepted, after I was forced to retire, that, like, I’m having a mental breakdown, I went to…this wasn’t the right thing to do, to leave,” Bryan said. “I said to Brie, I said, like…’I have to go to Washington.'”

“She still had other things that she had to do, I said, ‘I have to go.’ And she met me there like a month later, but I spent a month in Washington, just with my mom, with a couple of my friends, and just like, walking in the woods, like, just this really…like, being. I believe in the healing nature of trees, like, it’s a weird thing, but then I’ve also read a book about it, so it’s like, it makes me a little more justified as opposed to me being some weird mystic or something, you know?”

Former WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan, hasn’t been on WWE programming since his loss to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35. WWE’s decision to do so, keeping the nature of his potential injury a closely guarded secret in the process, has sparked speculation over the extent of Bryan’s current injury.