Daniel Bryan Injury Update

Daniel Bryan has not been on the road with WWE since WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan remains out of action. The former WWE Champion has not appeared on television since his loss to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania.

Bryan was not backstage at SmackDown this week. According to PWInsider, he has not been backstage since WrestleMania. There have been reports that he is injured, but he nor WWE have addressed the situation publicly.

Daniel Bryan Injury Being Kept A Secret

It was reported last week that those in the know regarding the situation are doing their best to keep information from leaking. Considering Bryan’s past history with head injuries, the secrecy surrounding his current injury has led some to speculate his injury could be concussion-related. That is only speculation, however.

Bryan was pulled from live events this weekend. He had been scheduled to appear on Smackdown last night at one point as well but was not backstage and did not appear on the show.

Daniel Bryan Not Allowed To Talk About The Environment

Daniel Bryan told the Cheap Heat podcast before WrestleMania that WWE was no longer allowing him to talk about environmental issues as part of his character.

“There’s a lot of things that I’m not allowed to talk about on television and it’s weird because if you noticed the last several months, I haven’t said much about the environment because they have told me I’m no longer allowed to talk about the environment,” Bryan said on the show. “Why? Because they say that the environment is a political issue. You know what? The environment is not a political issue, it’s a scientific issue and saying it’s a political issue makes it stupid. What an idiotic idea!”