Daniel Bryan Reflects On Warning WWE Officials About Fan Backlash Before 2015 Royal Rumble

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan (Photo: Scott Lesh)

Daniel Bryan has been an underdog in the eyes of the WWE fans for several years now.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and SmackDown General Manager recently did an interview with Inside the Ropes. During this discussion, Bryan talked about how he warned WWE officials that being eliminated quickly in the 2015 Royal Rumble would be a mistake. Here is what he had to say (h/t to Wrestling Inc)

“When they told me what was going to happen, I was like, ‘this isn’t gonna work out well for you guys. But, you can do what you want,'” said Bryan. “Like, I don’t run the company, right? If it’s bad — I feel bad for certain people who were negatively affected by that. The year before, 2014, Batista was negatively affected by it.

“So like, I always try to say like, ‘hey, I think this is gonna happen,’ and sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong. But I think, like in that specific case, like I had said that, like I don’t think this is a good idea, and it doesn’t matter what I think, right? And so, I just go out there, and I do my job, and I play the hand that I’m dealt with.”

Also, Bryan stated that his time teaming with Kane as part of Team “Hell No” was the most important moment of his career. The fan favorite would go onto state that the reason he believes that is due to him being able to gravitate to the fans and allow the “Yes” Movement to grow in popularity.

“I think the vital part of my career, like maybe the most important part of my career, was [teaming with Kane],” said Bryan. “I mean, there are certain bullet points you can see like, okay, I needed this to happen. Like a certain chain of events for me, of all people, to main event WrestleMania 30. I needed a certain series of events to happen in this specific timeline for it to work. It was very, like, luck type thing. And one of the things was getting paired with Kane.”

Bryan is slated to take on Big Cass in a singles match at the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view event on Sunday, June 17, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois at the Allstate Arena.

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