Daniel Cormier Reveals What Seth Rollins Texted Him After Scuffle With Brock Lesnar

2-division UFC Champion Daniel Cormier will most likely be stepping into the Octagon against WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar some time in early 2019. The fight was set up earlier this month at UFC 226.

After Cormier Cormier knocked out Stipe Miocic to capture the UFC Heavyweight Championship, he called out Brock Lesnar, who was cageside and ready to confront the winner of the UFC 226 main event. Lesnar shoved the former Olympic wrestler and the confrontation sent shockwaves throughout both the MMA and pro wrestling worlds.

Cormier was interviewed by Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture at Tuesday night’s ESPN Sports Humanitarian Awards and asked Cormier about the confrontation with Lesnar. Salcedo jokingly asked Lesnar if he shoved Cormier because he knows DC is friends with another WWE Superstar, Seth Rollins.

“Maybe that’s why he’s mad at me, because I’m friends with Seth Rollins,” Cormier said. “I got a text message from Seth right after the fight. He goes, ‘congratulations now go kick Brock’s ass.'”

A confident Cormier added, “That’s what I’m gonna do.”

Check out the Daniel Cormier interview with Instinct Culture below.