Darren Young Claims That His WWE Release Broke Him

Darren Young
Former WWE Superstar Darren Young

Former WWE Superstar Darren Young recently had an interview with WrestlingInc where he talked about his past and future among other things.

While discussing his release from the promotion, Young claimed that his release from the company broke him but time has since then opened his eyes and now he has a laser-like focus:

“When I got released from WWE in 2017 it broke me, 2018 opened my eyes, and 2019 I had laser-like focus, just like I had when I was chasing the dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. I’ve been out here in LA taking acting classes, trying to do whatever I have to do to be seen on the big screen.”

Continuing on the topic, Young claimed that his story is very unique. It’s very important that he is able to share his story with the world and it’s very important that people can get helped by hearing it.

Interestingly, Darren also talked about recent reports suggesting that Marvel is planning to introduce a gay superhero in MCU. He said that there is nobody who represents the community more than him and revealed that he has been putting the feeder out there.

Would you like to see Darren Young becoming the first gay superhero of MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.