Darren Young Reveals Plans For His Singles Title Win That Were Nixed

Darren Young WWE

Darren Young never won a singles title in WWE but it turns out there was a time when he had the opportunity to do so and his opponent was ready to drop the title as well, only for things to fall apart.

Young was recently a guest on Two Man Powertrip of Wrestling Podcast, where he talked about his post-WWE life, being paired with Bob Backlund and more.

While talking about his 2016 feud with the Miz, he revealed that the Miz who was the Intercontinental Champion at the time was ready to drop the title to him but the creatives decided against it:

“He was actually for me beating him for the Intercontinental title at Battleground. Miz was all about saying to give the title to Darren and then I’ll take it back from him. I guess I wasn’t a favorite to someone under Vince and eventually it got kiboshed.”

Darren Young was paired with Bob Backlund back in May 2016 and not too long after this, he won an 18 man Battle Royal to become the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

However, he failed to capture the title at Battleground and after this; he started a rivalry with his former partner Titus O’Neil. This feud didn’t go anywhere and Young was released by the company in January the next year.