Darren Young Says He Could Be Back With WWE Next Year

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Darren Young was recently interviewed on the Roman Show hosted by Rodolfo Roman. On the show, Young teased a possible return to WWE next year.

“Recently, I was just at WWE in LA,” Young said. “They invited me back with open arms. So who knows? 2019 you could see me as an ambassador with the company. It’s just amazing, wrestling right now.”

Roman continued to ask if it’s possible we see Young back in a WWE ring next year as opposed to just being in an ambassador’s role.

“Just because moves aren’t being announced doesn’t mean moves aren’t being made,” Young teased. He continued to say he has interest in competing for both Ring of Honor and in Japan as well.

Darren Young Comments On WWE Superstars

“Pride Month is here and I’m celebrating with open arms and taking a stance against hatred and bigotry. Never let anyone shame you from being yourself.

Young also commented on current Smackdown Superstar, Sonya Deville, who came out as gay while being interviewed by Triple H on Tough Enough.

“That’s my girl (Deville),” Young said. “We need more representation, that’s what it’s all about. It’s not just about me, it’s not just about Sonya, it’s about everyone living their truth, living their honest life.”

He also commented on Finn Balor wearing the Pride colors on his merchandise.

“My dude, Finn is an amazing guy,” Young continued.